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So excited to see you tomorrow... (Have something to ask you)

Dearest Bubbie Bee,

Hi, Sweetie. We are at our mid-way point for getting home, and everyone is bedded down for the night. I am so excited to see you and Dini tomorrow. But that is not what I'm going to write about in this entry. I can do that through FaceBook and messenger.
I actually have service on my phone, and we have access to wi-fi; so I'm taking advantage of making an entry into my journal about something I've been thinking about for quite a few weeks now, but haven't had an opportunity to talk to you about. I'm adding images that I have collected over the past couple of months.

I seriously doubt that you have looked at my journal anytime within the past several months, and have no idea if you will actually see this entry before I get home (actually I'm fairly certain you will not have); but if I can get the thoughts that have been racing through my mind for the past week and a half out onto a visual format, it will give me a way to start the conversation once I am home.

Next weekend will be the first time we will have had an opportunity to be together on a "normal" weekend since the beginning of May. No camping trips, no holiday weekend, no going to help a friend move. etc... And, I figure that it will be the only weekend where Kris is available to touch up your roots before we are back into a holiday weekend,busy doing stuff with the kids' rooms, etc... kind of pattern.

You know I absolutely LOVE your blonde hair. And I know that you are probably getting to a point where you are a little bit tired of it and the same ole same ole. I know how you get bored. But since you have said that you definitely want to go back to a darker color, and possibly red, by the fall, I was wondering if you might be up for changing styles up a bit between now and then.

I didn't get much of an opportunity to play around with your Bitstrips avatar nearly as much as I had wanted to, but how would you feel about changing your avatar from the one you are familiar with now, to having your hair look more like the new one next to it?

I was thinking that next Saturday, we could go get your roots done, and ask Kris if she could give you a sexy bob cut similar to the one you got the day of Rob and Cindy's pool party back on August 9th, 2014. except, instead of having her cut it all one length all the way around, we would have her cut it just as short in back but leave it considerably longer in the front. (I believe the correct termis inverted bob, or swing bob)

I know that you are growing tired of the blonde hair; and although I love and adore your hair the length that it is now, I would really love to see how sexy your golden locks would look in a sexy bobbed haircut before you go back dark.

Here is a photo of the back of the bob haircut that Kris first gave you the day of the pool party. Initially, I would love to see the bob cut with your current platinum blonde color (with additional lowlights added to the front and crown, for more depth and character around your face), and then we could start taking the bob darker and darker (starting with a golden brown color like the photo next to it) in preparation for going a rich golden brown, auburn, or even red by the time fall gets here.

None of these are quite exactly how I envision the end result to be; but are examples of the style and color changes that I think would look really awesome on you as we transition back to darker hair over the next two to four months.

Cocoa Cinnamon cocoa cinnamon 2

So, I'll just leave this here for your consideration. I know it is probably a more gradual change over time than what you may have been considering taking this upcoming fall; but I figure it couldn't hurt to bring it up and talk about it.

Who knows, maybe we cut your hair off into a bob, and after a couple of weeks we decide that it didn't look quite as sexy as I have been imagining and fantasizing that it would. I know you have joked a couple of times about going back to a spiky "duck butt" haircut a couple of times. Maybe we see how sexy a short crop or pixie cut would look in platinum blonde. And if that doesn't work out, then we wait another couple of weeks or so, and go for the drastic color change. By that point, the color changes wouldn't cost so much, since we would only need Kris to color your short hair. LOL

I've said it more times than I can think to recall, that I love your hair long. That's the God's honest truth, and absolutely nothing has changed. But I think it would be super sexy to see you go through the different hair styles and lengths with your sexy golden angel locks. I think I could bear seeing the length go, just to be able to see what each of those sexy hairstyle stages would look in super sexy platinum blonde.

HERE's A THOUGHT: We could make it a bonding experience.At any time along the way, before the blonde hair is finally gone, would you PLEASE finally be my blonde barberette.

SERIOUSLY! Any time at all. Even next week is not too soon. Tease me with those blonde locks as you send mine free falling to the floor.

And then. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE... I want you to quit smoking again. I promise I won't pout, or sabotage you along the way. You have to quit. Even if you for some reason don't want to. I'm begging you, once you have been my sexy Barberette again, will you please quit smoking for good?

(I Promise. No take backs this time. Once my hair is cut off, and shaved, that first time, PLEASE be my Smokin' Hot Barberette [of any colored hair after that point] for a couple of fun filled months, and then you HAVE TO finally quit smoking... for good. No whining, complaints, or pouting from me. I swear. It's time.)

Besides,..... hair grows back. Both mine and yours. And once you are back to one of these sexy dark reds, it will be exciting to see your hair grow back out all over again. You'll be back in an adorable bouncing ponytail long before me. Or,... maybe I'll just be excited to watch your hair grow out again, and keep mine short for you; the way you like it.

I know that this is a lot to think about. I've spent way more time on this entry than I had planned to. I need to get some sleep. We can talk about this next week, and schedule an appointment with Kris after we discuss it.

Then we can begin making plans for you to SHAVE ME BALD, and to quit that harmful habit!

I'll even buy you a new vape, patch, Rx, anything if it's what you need to quit.

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