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Loving my Sexy Red haired Vixen, while missing the Blonde Angel (just a bit).

blonde vs red

It has been a full week since I colored Karen's hair red.... And it still looks AWESOME!

Red hair on Karen has always been a favorite of mine, and it is SUPER SEXY on her. Not gonna lie, I do miss the blonde too, though. There were still so many things we never got around to trying with the blonde hair.

No gradual transition from light blonde to dark blonde, to light red, to dark red. No blonde bob cut (or spikey platinum crop). No blonde barberette scenarios.

Oh well. Not a biggie. She's a Red Hot Vixen!

Karen is very happy with her new red hair, and that makes me happy. At least she didn't color it and cut it all off too. Maybe there is another bob cut in the distant future. For now, I just hope to see if grow longer and longer; till it reaches the middle of her back.

At least I get to be the one to color and trim it again; although I will really miss our monthly trips to the salon. I loved seeing her hair covered in the bleach and blonde toner. It was always such a turn on. And getting to sit in a salon for an hour or two was a super special treat for a guy with my interest in hair. I won't miss the maintenance and upkeep, bill though.

It is what it is. And long and red happens to be really hot and sexy on my girl; so I'm just going to enjoy it while it lasts.
Who knows how long it will be before she gets another wild hair to change something again. I'm just hoping the next big change is new highlights, or bangs. It would have been interesting, and even sexy to have seen her platinum blonde hair get chopped off into a bob, and maybe even eventually cropped off into a short, spiky pixie cut (or spikey duck butt, as she often calls it); but now that her hair is red again, I really don't want her to cut it short again.

I want to run my fingers through her gorgeous long red hair, and pull her in close to my body as I make love to her. I want to see that red ponytail bouncing and bobbing along behind her head. The golden angel may be gone for now, but she's my red haired vixen again; {{growl}} and I do really like it. Just wasn't quite ready for it to happen so soon.

She was, and I guess that's the most important part. She feels really good in her red hair. That feeling good is changing how she interacts with me; which is a good thing. I just wish Aunt Flo weren't here to get in the way. maybe that's part of why I'm missing the blonde so much tonight. I'm WANTING my sexy red vixen, but I can't have her, so I'm pouting and feeling down.

Anyway, I notice that the color is fading just a little bit. That was to be expected with putting a bold red on top of stripped and blonde toned hair. No problem. In a bout a week, we can apply a second round of hair dye, and it will take better this time around. Might even look for a similar red with a bit more brown under color to it. As long as she is loving the beautiful red, I want it to have depth and character.
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