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EMAIL from a Reader

Apparently, I received the following message back around the Memorial Day weekend; but since I don't regularly check the message inbox associated with LiveJournal, I didn't see it until just a week or so ago. Since this is not the first time I have received similar questions, I decided that I would just answer it here in the journal.

Hi, Digger.

I hope you are doing well, and have a fun and safe holiday weekend with your family.

I'm not sure if this is the correct place to send this question to you, or if you will answer, but will send it anyway.
I admit that it has been quite some time since I spent any time on LJ, and was glad to see that your journal is still active. However, I have noticed that most of what ends up on your journal is usually just a copy of your twitter feed from one or two twitter accounts. Is there a reason why you no longer post more detailed accounts of your life's experiences and stories? Do you currently journal somewhere else? I used to enjoy reading about your adventures because I found that a lot of the same things you would write about are things I have faced in my own life.

Thank you for your question and comments. Yes, my journal is still very much active. Apparently, even though many of my former journal friends are no longer actively posting, LJ is still very much a thing in some parts of this place called the internet. To be honest, I was not (am not) aware that anyone even still reads my journal. My stats page indicates that there are between 8 to 12 unique visits to my journal per day; but I assumed that most of that traffic was server bots and not any real person.

But, your observation about the twitter feed is quite accurate. I currently have two twitter accounts. one that i use for social interaction with friends, and a second that is strictly for flirting posts between myself and my wife. I don't allow anyone other than her to follow, or post to, that account; and I immediately block anyone who tries to. Although it is not strictly private, or blocked, it is not out there for the public either. The daily digest from that twitter account downloads to a private feed, and then cross posts here.

Because I am slightly more active on other social media (twitter, tumblr, instagram, FaceBook, etc...) than I am here, this journal has become part easy access archive of daily tweets and random thoughts, and part journal. With less emphasis on daily journaling than in the past.

Why fewer journal entries?

Well, there are several answers to that question:
  • The main reason for fewer entries is due primarily to the fact that the one person I actually ever cared about having read my journal, no longer reads my journal.

    My writing has typically had three purposes: 1) To vent daily thoughts and feelings in a way to release them from my mind. 2) To document my life's day to day journey (which now typically ends up on Facebook or twitter), and 3) To be able to share concerns or feelings with my wife in a way that I frequently find I am unable to do verbally in a face to face communication style.

    Since Karen no longer chooses to view or read my journal with any regularity, journaling my thoughts and feelings take a lower priority to other emotional venting outlets. Even though other outlets have proven to be grossly less productive or helpful to my overall well being.

    Why write about thoughts, feelings, and events to share with anyone else, when the person you would most want to share with won't read them.

  • When I do take the time to journal about sensitive, or emotionally volatile, topics, I tend to post them behind a private status so that they are only viewable to me. I find that I am far less likely to censor myself that way, and it allows me to get the emotions or details of the situation out of my head. many times, I later delete those entries, or copy and paste them to another strictly private journal. For my eyes only.

    All of that aside, I do want to begin writing more in this journal. I want to get back to a point where I keep a record of daily events, family events, and things that I would actually want to have someone remember about me after my time on this Earth is through.
    The problem with that, is finding time, and also determining what to write that hasn't already been shared on another site such as Facebook. Realistically, it is much easier to post a few lines, and attach a photo that is tagged with a fellow FB user, than it is to write a journal entry, tweak the HTML code to format it the way I want it to look, and then post it where next to no one else will see it.

    Like I mentioned earlier in this response. I was honestly convinced that no one else other than myself ever even visited this journal to read what I have written over recent entries. And even then, I am usually here to make sure that the twitter feed is still working, or to attach photos that are posted in the other feed sources.

    I hope this helps answer your questions, and lets you better understand whee my journal is at in my current writing phase of life. If you are reading this, you have probably already noticed a significant increase in entries over the past month. And those will continue to grow, as I have several unfinished posts sitting in "draft" mode, that I will allow to publish publicly as they are finished.
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