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I'd LOVE to see her gorgeous blonde hair get Bobbed

After writing my last entry, I cant get the image of seeing Karen, with her gorgeous blonde hair cut off into a sexy bob cut, out of my mind.

I've spent the past couple of hours googling "blonde bobbed hairstyles;" but have yet to come across a specific style that is any sexier than tje bob cut she had at Rob and Cindy's pool party on August 9th, 2014.


Just like this but blonde

Longer in front like this

imagine this style in platinum blonde

Karen looks absolutely amazing, and incredibly sexy with long hair. I adore it to no end. The way it frames her face, and elongates her beautiful features. The way I can bury my fingers into it when I kiss her or make love to her. And the way it enhances her gorgeous beauty, I almost want to give reverence to her long locks as if to worship its beautiful magnificence. Few things in life could make me happier, or turn me on more, than to see her flowing tresses reach down to the bottom of her bra strap, at the middle of her back. (Much as they were in the Spring of 2012. - see below)

At the same time that I long to see Karen's hair super LONG again, I remember how sexy that bobbed haircut looked on her. And the thought of seeing that bobbed style again, but this time with her platinum blonde hair.... That would actually be a sight too sexy to pass up a chance to see. It would be a hairstyle actually worthy enough to make cutting off all of the long beautiful hair she has grown out over the past two years not seem like a tragedy.

Is a Blonde Bob a real possibility? If so, when?

It hasn't quite been even a full month since I last took Karen to get her roots touched up; but if I weren't leaving for STEM on CAMPus Sunday afternoon, I'd love to take her to the salon to get her roots touched up, some more dark lowlights added in around her face, and then ask Kris to give Karen an inverted bob cut.

I imagine it being very much like the bob pictured above, but with the front left about another one or two inches longer than when it was cut in August of 2014. More "swing," and length left in the front, as opposed to all one length all the way around. Trim up the nape of her neck, and blunt cut the ends to lay nice and smooth. Let her golden locks frame her beautiful face. Oooh. Just the thought of that golden bob makes me tingle and shiver.

Maybe it's a good thing that I'm leaving for camp in a little over 24 hours. It will give me time to calm my hormones and think more clearly, rather than rushing to ask karen to chop her hair off again.

I know that she has mentioned at least once or twice about maybe bobbing her hair again, or going to a shorter hairstyle. So, maybe asking her to bob her blonde hair is not so far fetched after all. Maybe, when I get back from scout camp in South Dakota, I'll schedule an appointment to get her roots done on the 25th or 26th, and just mention the idea of the bob cut. It's worth a shot. Besides, if she's not up for it, we dye it darker in the Fall and then her long hair just keeps getting longer; which I am DEFINITELY in favor of.

If she does like the idea of getting her blonde hair bobbed, we can ask kris to start adding more and more lowlights and color back into her hair over the next two to three months; and then she'll be all set to transition back to auburn brown or a red color by the time Fall is here. It's a win win for both of us, and a gradual transition from one to the other.
I really like the idea of seeing Karen go from a blonde bob, to a red bob, and then start growing it all out long again. It will actually be quite Hot-n-Sexy. Besides, that's really not too different than what she has already done over the past two years.
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