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CB'd by that B!+@# Aunt Flo

It was no surprise that aunt flo would be making a scheduled visit anytime within the next few hours to the next day or so. Karen was ready, and even gave me a heads up (Not that I needed one. Aunt Flo has a way of "calling ahead" like the ghosts in poltergeist, or a demon trying to take control of its unwitting host). Normally, she arrives in the middle of the night, or early morning; but this time she snuck in during the middle of the evening.

Karen had not been feeling well all evening. We had a few errands to run right after I had gotten off work, and Karen had even expressed her frustration that AF probably would decide to show up mid week, and she would still be going during the upcoming holiday weekend. Not fun for anyone, especially not for Karen.

I suggested that we should have sex, and kick start her system to speed up the process. Ive read (and shared) reports that show having sex right before a woman's expected menstruation not only speeds up the onset, but also greatly reduces common discomfort while simultaneously reducing the duration of a period. The hormones released from sex, as well as the act of tensing and relaxing the muscle groups associated with orgasm, help to promote these effects.

Karen was open and receptive to the idea, and willing to give it a try. Nothing to lose, and possible benefits to gain. Anything to kerp from being on her period during the holiday weekend.

At around 8 PM, I decided to go for a quick walk. I thought that I may have spotted a neighbor's dog in the woods out back. There had been several FB posts about an 11 yr old lab named Stanley. I wanted to check it out, look around the neighborhood, and hopefully get the rest of my steps towards my 7000 daily step goal.

I found a dog running around, but it wasn't Stanley. Just a dog from the next subdivision over, that ran back to its own yard. I did, however, get my 7000 steps for the day.

As I was making the last leg home, I texted Karen. "Pause your game. Time to jump start Aunt Flo"

I walked into the house excited and horny. Really turned on for my wife. I didn't even care about my own release (I'd get it sooner or later), but the thought of a tender moment with Karen. Making love to her gently, and slowly, to help her feel better.... Well, that had me feeling really good. An emotional high, that I wanted to share with my sweet Lover.

Her text in reply.... "She's already here."

Damn it. Cock blocked by Aunt Flo yet once again.
It"s the story of my life.

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