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Bouquet of Red Flowers

Today, I bought my Sweetie a bouquet of flowers in shades of reds and pinks, with a few purples mixed in.  I want her to know that the vibrant red of the bouquet is as passionate as the red blood that flows in my heart as it beats for her. 

I love being able to buy flowers fro my Sweetie, and it thrills my heart that she truly appreciates the gesture on my part.

Although it may not seem like a big deal to some, it is a way that I am able to periodically show her that she is on my mind and in my heart; and that i still want to woo her for her attention and affection.  I guess it is a primal instinct. Similar to the bird that fluffs its feathers, and performs a special dance, to attract his mate. I don't have feathers (although I am told by many that I have gorgeous hair), so I buy flowers and fluff them up to attract my mate.

Not just any bouquet of flowers will do. I typically buy her flowers on, or around, payday. I have a few preferred floral locations around town that I will stop by, and then I carefully pick the flowers that I think will most likely be appreciated and catch her eye. While I love roses, I know that my Sweetie prefers a more colorful arrangement, and actually loves the more wild/exotic flower arrangement. I still always manage to make sure that one or two roses are well placed into the group. There have been times when I have driven to 2, or 3 locations before I find the flowers that I think will be the best.  (Hence, why I now have a few favorites to start from).

One of these days, I may chose to make a bouquet of various colored roses. Supposedly they each have a different meaning:

  • Red : love, romance, beauty, passion
  • Pink : love, gratitude, appreciation, enchantment
  • White : purity, marriage, spirituality, new starts, sympathy
  • Orange : enthusiasm, passion, desire
  • Yellow :friendship, joy, good health

    One of the flowers that I love to buy for Karen is a Sunflower. No matter where she goes, she often ends up with the nickname of "Sunshine." She has often been a ray of sunshine in my life as well, and the sunflower often reminds me of that.

    Today, as I was thinking back on many of the boquets of flowers that I have bought over the past year, I realized that the majority of them have focused on yellow and white flowers. I'm guessing that this may have subconsciously been related to my obsession with Karen's gorgeous flowing blonde locks.

    I love how sexy she looks with her golden hair. At the end of this month, it will have been one year since we first went to the salon and had her hair transformed to the hair of an angel.
    It has grown quite a bit since then too. Both aspects are very sexy.However, I know that Karen is getting antsy for a change. Most definitley a change in color, and probably a change in style as well. (It happens about this time of tyear, every year.)

    While I love both the long hair, and the blonde hair, I know that both together will most likely not survive much longer than another couple of months. If the color goes first, I'm hoping that the length remains, and continues to grow out down to the middle of her back; however, I have to admit that I have longed to see her gorgeous golden locks lopped off into the beautiful blonde bob cut that Kris gave her the day before we went to Rob and Cindy's pool party in AUG of 2014.
    I may just try to suggest this when I come back from summer camp with the scouts.  A blonde bob would be so incredibly sexy. And then to go from a blonde bob, to a red or cherry brown bob for the Fall. My body just shivered thinking about it.

    Yep, definitley going to have to see if karen is up for a change when we go get her roots done later this month.

    Anyway, back to today. So as I stood there carefully picking out the flowers that I wanted to present to my GORGEOUS wife, I made a conscious choice to choose something different than I know I have chosen in recent months. Not only because I want to make sure I present her with a variety of flowers that speak of my love for her from my heart, but because I also want to signal to my own subconsciuous that my Sweetie needs change and variety to thrive.

    Karen is an amazing and special woman. She thrives on change and growth. She is intelligent, smart, and incredibly funny person; and when given the opportunities to expand out of our little routine filled bubble of life, she shines with excitement and happiness. I am the one that need routine and sameness all of the time; and I don't want that to stifle the vibrant life that flows through Karen's core being.

    That vibrance is one of the many things that drew me like a moth to her flame in the beginning, and I am realizing more and more that it is a flame I want to help rekindle within her to help her break free of the rut and funk that she has fallen into in recent years.

    So, I have to make a conscious effort to look for variety in the ways I express my love and adoration to her. Today, I bought red and pink flowers, instead of yellow and white.

    I know that something as simple as the color of the flowers that I buy might not seem like a big thing; but as I mentioned in the beginning of this entry, most people might not think it any big deal that I buy the flowers in the first place. I do think it's a big deal. And if it matters to my wife, it means even more. 

    So, I start small. I add more variety to the thing we both enjoy together, and it helps to remind me to be open to more variety in all the other things I do for, or with, Karen.

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