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  • Wed, 14:16: @KJoMullenHot damn! You sure make it hard for a guy to stay focused at work. All I can think about is coming home to see & kiss you. 🔥💋❤

I'm sitting at my desk at work, and I hear a text message come through on my phone. Normally, I have the sound muted on my phone during the day, and check messages during lunch or break. But today, I had my earbuds in to listen to music, and had not turned the notification sounds off.

When I pulled up the message screen, it said I had a text from Karen. It was the first photo, with a title of "Today's color."
I responded, "Whoah...... growl!!!!!!" Which in my head was a total gasp of air escaping my mouth, followed by a deep primal growl. I then texted, "Wait till I get home. I'm kissing those sexy lips." then the second photo came through to my phone. I couldn't growl. I was so turned on that the air was literally sucked out of my body, and I was left dumbfounded.

I eventually managed to text back, "Ohhhhhh. That's just so mean and sexy. Can't walk away from my desk for a while." (blushing emoji)

"That lipstick print on your cigarette is so sexy.
Just think of the lip print you could leave on my head." (Horny emoji)

I love seeing a woman's lipstick or lip gloss leave a lip print on the tip of an all white cigarette. It's such an intense turn on.

It's been so long since Karen wore lipstick on any kind of regular basis. I used to love it when she would leave a lipstick print behind on me. On my face, on my lips, on my smooth, shaved, head (I used to really love that). Like the love of her hot kiss leaving it's branded mark on me; and I would wear it with pride.

Seeing that second texted photo, reminded me of this picture from September of 2006.
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