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Ursasolus Tweets

I've been asking (pleading and begging is more like it) to make love to KJM nearly every day for the past 8 days straight (minus the two nights I was out camping), and have been blown off and ignored each and every time.

Tonight, she and I are going out on a very special date night, with friends, to celebrate May birthdays. We're actually going to a really nice restaurant, and will both be dressed up nice. She'll have her hair and makeup done, and the kids will be at my Mom's house. They may even stay the night. If not, I can go pick them up at any time late in the evening.

We will have an empty house, and she should be in a really good mood from being out somewhere special with friends. It's been three months since we last made love. Finally I've got a night where there should be absolutely NO reason at all as to why she would turn me down and reject me yet once again.
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