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4 Years Ago Today

Both anxious (nervous) and excited, to think that any day now, my sweet Bubbie Bee could be my Blonde Bombshell Barberette and be giving me this exact same haircut again. Or,... I might be growing it back out to this length, after she cuts my hair down to something a little more dramatic and closer to the skin.

Maybe I'll bleach my hair to match hers. A Blonde Barberette shaving her blonde Pute Pute. I would totally go for the Guy Fieri look, to match her platinum locks, before letting Karen take my hair all off. ;-)

Got my hairs all buzzed off again, at Super Cuts, because I know my Sweetie likes it this way.

Posted by Dwight Mullen on Saturday, April 21, 2012

Karen, When you decide that it's time to cut my hair, would you please be my Blonde Bombshell Barberette?

001 New Do_In the Beginning(blu) 003 New Do_Chop 02 (blu)

Ain't gonna lie. Even with as much as I love my long hair, I'm really turned on and excited about the thought of having my blonde angel shave my head bald again. So much so, I would do it right now, today. Even without a room at the Ameristar.

It's been a long time since I felt enough faith and trust, in the level of intimacy in our relationship, to be able to give this part of myself completely to her again. We're getting there. Step by step, we are getting there again.

Karen has given me an amazing gift over these past months. Gave it to me Unconditionally. And even decided to gift it to me (again) after she had already decided to something completely different (wanting her hair darker, and possibly even chopped off) with her hair. Now, THAT's a selfless act of love. No denying it.

More than the plain simple fact that I find her long blonde hair absolutely gorgeous and beautiful; the fact that she is currently blonde for no other completely selfless reason than the fact that she knows how much I love and want it blonde.... THAT is the SEXIEST thing that Karen has done for me in years. Proof that her heart is mine. I am so blessed.

I know in the depth of my soul, that with the gift of her heart (and her sexy hair), her body and desire will follow. I just have to be patient, tender, and work along side her on this journey. I'm feeling us get closer than we have been since before the kids were born. I know the months ahead will only see us grow closer.

I trust in my gut feeling, and in my heart.

    Karen, I am excited to give a gift of myself back to you.

    You've mentioned wanting to go darker in the Fall, and also wanting to quit smoking again. I want that too! Sooner, rather than later. So starting sometime soon, in the next week, couple of weeks, etc... will you please be my Blonde Bombshell Barberette, and plan a special evening at the Ameristar Hotel (I'll even pay the bill) so that you can give me a slow and sexy, sensual, haircut; and before the evening is through, please shave my head bald?

    You'e probably thinking that letting you shave my head isn't really all that great of a gift to you. Especially since it is my most frequent fantasy (other than seeing you smoke), that I ask you to share with me and tell me stories about. Well, my hair is pretty precious to me. I like it long; but you are right. That's not that fair of a gift, since you could either take it or leave it. (Much to my vexation, you won't pick a preference for how you would like to see my hair cut/styled). So, my gift to you is that I promise not to pout, or sabotage you, or otherwise be a reason why you can not be successful in quitting smoking again. I'll also not pout, or throw any fits, or write negatively about your hair when it's time to say bye bye to the blonde in the fall.

    I truly appreciate the kind and selfless gift that you have given to me, by bleaching it back out blonde on November 28th, 2015. Then allowing me to basically have carte blanche control over your hair when you let me have Kris take your hair back completely platinum blonde again on Valentine's day (this year). It's been incredibly awesome! You don't even know, and I think you may never realize, just how much this has all meant to me.

    I know that you will probably never be comfortable enough to gift your hair to me on a level to let me shave your head bald. (At least not until we either win a million dollars or you retire. Whichever comes first. lol) But you giving me the gift of having such complete control over your hair and this aspect of your appearance has been of the same magnitude.
    I have experienced the joy of what it would be like to shave your head bald; I just achieved that level of intimacy every time we made a visit to the salon to bleach your hair, instead of actually cutting it off.
    Often, when you have your hair pulled back into a tight bun or ponytail, I can see the beautiful shape of your head, and I can easily imagine how amazingly beautiful you would look bald. It's close enough to make my heart sing, and my hormones soar.

    Just bear with me for a while longer. Fall will be here before you even know it. I hope I can repay your kindness and generosity in like kindness. I truly want to prove that to you. Thank you for making the effort to give your heart to me once again. I am so thankful that we are growing closer to one another again.

    Thank you for believing in me. Thank you for trusting me with your beautiful hair. Thank you for your patience. Thank you. Your ever loving Pute Pute

Now, please cut my hair off. Be my barberette and lover. And let's start rewriting this fetish map in my head. By the time you are ready to go darker in the fall, you will already be smoke fee again (I really am excited about that), and maybe we can experiment with those shorter hairstyles that you are interested in (on both of us) in all new colors and styles. Without the smoking fetish being attatched to any of it.

A fresh start, just us. Nothing else in the way.

Who knows, maybe Ill ask you to give me a summer shearing again next year. (No smoking involved)
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