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Would You Rather... (Part II)

  • Be a Vegetarian forever, or be able to eat meat but have to catch and kill it yourself? Gotta have my meat.

  • Your girlfriend wear leather, or lace? Leather (or even better, but along the same line... latex rubber, or PVC Vinyl) Leather is so smooth, sexy, and can be so very classy. I love the smell and feel of leather on a woman.

  • Be completely bald, or puny and skinny (like anorexic skinny)? That's easy.. Shave me Bald. Heck, I've been trying to get my wife to shave my head for almost 4 years now, and have not had much luck. At this point, I think I'd have better luck becoming anorexic.

  • The girl be on top, or on the bottom? Mostly, it depends upon what turns her on more. However, I love it when a woman gets on top.

  • Go down on her, or have her go down on you? If it had to be only one or the other, I would prefer to go down on her. While I would receive physical pleasure having her go down on me, I enjoy and receive more emotional and bonding pleasure from giving rather than receiving. Not trying to be too graphic here, but I LOVE eating pussy.

  • Have to sing every word you speak, or always talk in rhymes? Talk in rhyme.

  • Do the dishes or the laundry? Dishes. But I would gladly do both if it earned me enough "Honey Do" points to have sex more than once every two to three months.

  • Have a beer belly (big gut), or a bald head? I'd rather be bald. (I already have the belly) In fact, if I could successfully trade in my belly, and lose some weight, I would gladly be bald. Oh, who am I kidding. If I could just have a regular, healthy, sex life, I would gladly cut off all of my long hair and shave my head bald, or any other drastically short style. I would actually rather prefer that.

  • If you could go back in time, would you rather your first time be with another virgin, or an experienced partner who could show you the ropes? A Virgin.

  • Have sex with a girl that talks and moans a lot during sex, or a girl who is really quiet? I'll take the first girl. Oh yes. Please moan and talk to me during sex. Just don't talk about something other than what we are doing with one another at that moment.

  • Date a Blonde, Brunette, or a Red head? For years I would have answered this question with a preference of those choices in reverse of how they are listed. Red being my ultimate favorite, with brunette being an acceptable alternative, and blonde being my least desired choice. However, over the past year, I have had a drastic change in preference and attraction to blonde hair. Specifically PLATINUM BLONDE hair. My wife's platinum (almost white in some areas) blonde hair is the SEXIEST thing I have experienced in a very long time, and I am absolutely head over heels in love with how it looks on her. I pray she keeps it for quite a while longer. At least through till the end of this Summer.

  • Travel to the East Coast or the West Coast? Tough one... I'm in my mid 40's, and I have not really done very much traveling. Not even a fraction of what I would really like to do. I've never even been out of the country. I do want to see the Pacific Ocean someday, but most people think California for Wast Coast. If I went West, I think I'd rather see Washington or Oregon.
    I've been to the South East. Florida, Georgia, and both Carolina's. But my dream has always been to visit the North east coast and the New England states. So, My answer would have to be East Coast. I'd start with the Big Apple in New York (So many awesome must see places there. Empire State Bldg. World Trade Tower, and the 911 reflecting pools where the Twin Towers stood. Karen says she will take me someday.), and then do Washington DC, followed by Boston and Philadelphia.

  • Watch only Dramas or Comedies for the rest of your life? I tend to watch more dramas on TV than I do comedies, so from life experience I would answer be inclined to answer dramas. But then I second guess that answer, because if I were only able to watch one or the other, I would want my entertainment to be more light hearted in nature. So, with that in mind, I'll say Comedies. Final answer.
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