Digger (digzmania) wrote,

Would you rather...

  • Have no access to internet or no cell phone? No cell phone.

  • Have no one show up to your wedding, or to your funeral? My funeral. My wedding is a celebration of hopes and dreams ahead of me. My funeral is the fulfilment of all hopes and dreams as I go to be with Jesus in Heaven.

  • Live in a world where there are no problems, or a world where you rule? A world where I rule.

  • Find true love, or find $10,000,000? Find true love.

  • Date a celebrity of your choice, or date the hottest person you personally know? A person I know. Too much baggage with a celebrity.

  • Be able to fly, or read minds? Read minds.

  • Spend the day surfing the ocean, or surfing the internet? The internet.

  • Know the date of your death, or the cause of your death (with the stipulation that knowing cannot prevent your death)? I would want to know the date.

  • Have more time, or more money? More time.

  • be the smartest person in the world, or the sexiest person in the world? The smartest.

  • Eat Burger King, or McDonald's for the rest of your life? McDonald's.

  • Be the richest person on Earth, or Immortal? My soul is already immortal, thanks to the Grace of God; so while I'm here on earth I'll be the richest person on the planet.

  • Be half your current height, or double your current weight? I'll take double my weight. At that size, I would qualify for intervention surgery to have the weight removed and my stomach banded to help me lose anything that was left.

  • Get numerous piercings or numerous tattoos? I'll take the tattoos.

  • Be a lawyer or a doctor? A doctor.

  • Be a character in Harry Potter, or a character in Twilight? Harry Potter.

  • Live through a zombie apocalypse, or WW3? World War 3.

  • Get free Starbuck's for a year, or free music downloads for a year? Music downloads.

  • Be able to speak to all animals, or fluently speak all foreign languages? Foreign languages.

  • Have an incredible relationship with awkward sex, have an awkward relationship with incredible sex? Incredible sex.

  • Have $100,000 in cash, or $1,000,000 in Amazon gift cards? I'll take the Amazon gift cards.

  • Have your mind be able to play music in your head like a magic mp3 player, or be able to watch your dreams on a magic DVR? I want to be able to watch my dreams.

  • People to bring back 80's clothes, or bring back 80's hairstyles. I would love it if 80's hairstyles made a comeback. Women had awesome hair in the 80's Mall bangs and big hair. Punk styles, and mohawks.

  • Always be able to tell when someone is lying, or always be able to get away with lying? Be able to tell when people are lying.

  • Be the opposite gender for a day, be a kid again for a day? Be the opposite gender.

  • Have mermaids be real, or unicorns be real? Unicorns.

  • Listen only to music from the past, or only listen to current music? I'll take the "oldies."

  • Always be underdressed,or overdressed for the occasion? I would prefer to always be overdressed for any occasion.
    It's one thing to be dressed in your comfy clothes when at home, or lounging around; but anytime a person is out in public (especially for any social engagement) you should look your best. It's not just about a person's clothes, but a person should always be well groomed; groomed and styled hair, deodorant and cologne/makeup, and for women this includes wearing makeup. This is probably one of my biggest pet peeve's in life. I'm not sure when people started thinking it was OK to go go out or to social occasions without checking how they look before going out the door, but it's quite revolting. few things put me off about someone more than being lazy about their appearance.

  • Date a big girls with big boobs, or date an athletic girl with no boobs? I LOVE curves, so whether or not the result was bog boobs, I would always choose the "Big" girl. To me, the term "big girl" is a positive thing, not a derogatory term.

  • Be fluent in every language ever in existence, or a master of every musical instrument ever conceived? I've often imagined that if I could have a special super power, it would be to have the ability to be fluent in all languages. I'll take language.

  • Win a free Mac, or a free PC? I'm exclusively a PC guy. Give me Windows any day.

  • Be a miserable genius, or a happy moron? Genius.

  • Drink Pepsi or Coke? Coke is it!

  • Work more hours per day for fewer days, or less hours per day and work more days? I'll take longer work hours over fewer days.

  • Date a person with tan skin and blonde hair, or a person with black hair and pale skin? With the exception of my wife's current blonde hair, I've always had a preference for darker hair on women; and I love the look of pale skin tones over a tan any day.

  • Watch it rain or snow for days? Snow. Beautiful, white, snow.

  • Never be able to take a bath/shower ever again, or never be able to see your reflection in a mirror again? I love showers, so I'll skip the reflection.

  • Watch a movie with no sound or subtitles, or listen to a movie with no picture. I have a pretty good imagination, I would listen to the movie.

  • Make a phone call, or send a text? Send a text. Almost every time. I don't like phone calls. if it weren't for data and text, I wouldn't bother having a cell phone.

  • Watch a movie at the theater by yourself, or eat at a restaurant by yourself? I would prefer to eat alone. The solitude might be nice, but movies are meant to be shared and discussed with friends.

  • Your doctor be Male or Female? Female.

  • Read a book, or watch a movie? It's easier to just watch the movie, but I love a good book.

  • Have X-Ray vision,or be able to fly? I wanna fly!

  • Always know when someone is "Checking you out," or never get caught checking other people out? Always know when someone checks me out.

  • Give up your Computer, or give up your TV? You can have my TV. Touch my computer at the risk of pain and/or death.

  • Be in a relationship where you were beaten, or cheated on. I'll take the beating. I can withstand the physical pain much more than the emotional pain of infidelity.

  • Live in a tree house, or underground? Underground.

  • Have a sexy girlfriend that doesn't love you and never sleeps with you, or have a really ugly girlfriend that cares about you with all of her heart and desires you every moment of the day?

    Sexual intimacy with a lover is one of the most important aspects of a relationship, to me. The frequency, and especially how often my partner initiates sex or intimate encounters, has a direct correlation to my self confidence as a man (in all aspects of my life - home, work, life), my feelings of success as a husband, my desire to be an active and engaged helping partner in the relationship, needed or wanted as a friend, and most importantly how much I feel that I am loved and valued in our relationship. Love and intimacy conquers all, including the heart of this lover. If love and intimacy are actively present in the relationship, the woman will be beautiful in my heart, regardless of how society judges her beauty.
    My wife is extremely beautiful and sexy. There is no one more beautiful to my eyes or my heart. But my life is not a happy or successful one. I am a shell of a man, with no worth or value. I am sad, and lonely.

  • Lose all of your hair, or have a significant other that was excessively hairy all over their body? I love my long hair, but I can't stand body hair on a woman (body hair on a woman is disgusting), so I would prefer to lose mine.

  • Marry a woman who is 6 foot 4, or a woman who is 4 foot 6. I'll take the shorter woman at 4 foot 6.

  • Be Wolverine or be Spiderman? Spiderman. Ever since I was a little boy, Spiderman has always been my favorite super hero.

  • Have a hot tub or a pool? Hot tub.

  • Get a bad haircut every time you get a haircut, or get bad plastic surgery? I'll take the bad haircuts. They at least grow out, or can be shaved off.

  • See your significant other dressed in a school girl uniform, or a nurse's uniform? Depends. If the nurse's uniform is a white (preferably vinyl) dress, I'll choose nurse. If it's just scrubs, like most nurses wear now days, I'd choose the school girl uniform. (stockings, white blouse, and plaid skirt)

  • Lose a bet and have to get a tattoo, or lose a bet and have to shave your head? Shave my head. I might even lose the bet on purpose.
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