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When did "Date Night" stop being date night

After getting out of the shower, my wife just put on a shirt and pants, and told me "I'm ready to go."

In truth, she looks like she is finally ready to start GETTING READY to go.
  • Wet hair hanging down around her face.
  • An outfit that looks like it says, "I'm just headed out to the grocery store this morning (mind you, this is currently Friday night), and then I'll come home later and get dressed for a date night out with you.
  • No make up. It crushes my heart when we go out, and she doesn't even bother to put on any make up. Not because my wife isn't beautiful all on her own; but because of the fact that she IS such a beautiful woman, and looks even MORE amazing when she defines her gorgeous eyes and sexy lips.

    I've had a long and grueling week. Last weekend, I spent the whole time away from Karen, and out camping with the scouts. I've spent the past 5 days looking forward to tonight. Knowing that it is payday, and that I get to go out with my sweetheart. Out of the house, doing something together. Dinner, maybe something more.

    But... This isn't DATE NIGHT. If this were date night, you would put some effort into looking nice and wanting to actually Go OUT with me. Not just head out the door and end up where ever for no reason.

    Honestly. Right now, I'd rather just take my clothes off, get into a comfy t-shirt and flannel pants, and go back to being the ignored husband. If we're going to have Date Night, make it date Night. Other wise, drive through McDonald's and call it a night like any other night.
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