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It looks like things are not going to work out for the way I had originally hoped for this upcoming weekend. No one's fault really. I didn't plan far enough ahead for it to really have it pan out the way I would really have wanted it to. Actually, I would rather Karen plan it out; but with this being our 13th wedding anniversary, I wanted to do something special and romantic. The person that was trying to see if I could get a comped room from, wasn't able to come through. I could have put out the full $249 myself. Ever since I first asked Karen to shave my head at the Ameristar Hotel, I make certain that I have that money tucked away just for that specific reason. But there are other things we need the money for right now. Secondly, my brothers have planned a family dinner for my parent's wedding anniversary on Saturday night. If dad were still with us, this would have been their 50th wedding anniversary. Even though I would really have liked to have had a really special night with Karen, this weekend, my mom needs us to all be there for her even more, on this specific night. There will be plenty of time to plan for another special night with Karen in the months ahead. Two and a half weeks ago, Karen went back to full platinum blonde, on Valentine's day. It is so incredibly sexy; and I am more determined than ever, that I definitely want my Gorgeous, Blonde Bombshell, of a wife to be a sexy barberette and shave my head bald.
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