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What about Bob

(That title popped into my head because that movie was on TV just the other day, starring Richard Dreyfus and Bill Murray)

But, the reason that that title was so prevalent on my mind as I sit here to write this message, is because of a wonderful event that took place just last evening.

Karen let me cut her outgrown pageboy haircut last night. And although it turned out quite a bit shorter than what she had expected, the final result was a very sexy and stunning swing bob that angles from the occipital bone above her nape, passing to just a quarter inch below her ear lobes at the sides and laying a hairs breath above her chin in the front.

When I finished cutting and shaping the soft edged layers, to help it curl slightly under at the bottom, I thought to myself, "Louise Brooks, eat your heart out." I love the way the cut frames the curvature of Karen's head and the way it frames her cute, adorable face. I've imagined this hairstyle on her for quite a long time now, and finally it has taken real form.

At first, Karen was a bit shocked. She hadn't wanted to go this short yet. She figured she would take things a step at a time and gradually work her way into the short swing bob. Because of a mis-communication between the two of us, she went straight to the bob. But I do think that she likes it, it will just take her a litle while to adjust to. So far she has gotten a lot of positive response from co-workers. I'm hoping she gets the same from friends and family. From me? Well, she'll only get the most enthusiastic , and appriciative, of responses.

No promises, but I'm hoping that she'll let me share a few photos of her new hairstyle with you all here on the board sometime soon. She's a bit camera shy; which she shouldn't be since she truly is so very beautiful. Of course, she always tells me that my opinion is blinded by love. Not blinded, I say, but merely tinted through rose colored glasses.


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