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My tweets - Having an Awesome Hair Day.

Having an AWESOME hair day today.

At home, and a lot of the time when I'm just out and about, I wear my hair pulled back into a ponytail or a "man bun" of sorts. Not here at work. At work I typically wear my hair down. especially if I've taken a morning shower, and my hair has a lot of volume or is still drying.

Here at work, two of my frequent nick names are “Game of Thrones” and “The Viking” because I have long thick hair like many of the warrior characters in those two shows. There are several guys that let me know that they wish they could have hair like mine, but even more women tell me the same thing. :-)

There are quite a few ladies that make certain to stop into my office and compliment me on my hair, especially when they take notice that I am wearing it down, or that it has more volume on a particular day. Occasionally, I’ll even forego the usual conditioner, because I know it will cause my hair to add volume and curl without the weight of the conditioner in it.

I LOVE IT! I’d be lying if I said I didn’t. I love the attention from the ladies, and I love when I’m having a good hair day. Most days (99% of the time), I absolutely love having long hair, and the way it looks on me. Wouldn’t trade it for anything. It’s definitely me, and fits my personality well.

I personally think my long hair is my best physical trait and feature. It’s actually the only physical feature that I like about myself. The rest of my body has gotten too fat and hideous. Something that I am working to change; but in the meantime, I’ve at least got my hair.

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