Digger (digzmania) wrote,

Secret Memo left on Bubbie's phone

Goals, and Things to do, in 2016:

  • Start inviting Dwight to come out on smoke breaks more often. At least once a day.

  • Get a smoking room at Ameristar, and give Dwight a series of shorter and shorter erotic haircuts. Until it's ALL gone.(video it for watching later)

  • Make some really sexy smoking videos. Bubbie porn, for after you have quit smoking.

  • Shave him bald. (video this too)

  • Be his sexy, hot, smoking, blonde haired barberette for at least three months (begin steps to quit smoking, after 3 month shave fest). Keep him bald or buzzed that entire time.

  • (Remember: He loves his long hair, and he loves his hair long; but he loves you more. Make this time, and these moments special. It's important that these are shared, memorable moments.)

  • Learn to give an occasional blowjob or hand job

  • Try to have sex at least once a week.

  • Occasionally Wear some makeup for date nights or social occasions

  • When his hair starts growing back, give him a surprise/unexpected buzz or shave. No questions asked. (maybe sneak one cigarette)

  • Take him to a cute Barberette or stylist for a surprise haircut.  (he can give you ideas as to who or a where, ahead of time, but the time and day a true surprise. No hints or warning before pulling up to the salon or barbershop). Be in charge, you tell her how you want his hair cut, or shaved. Then take him home and let his animalistic side make wild love to you, to say thank you for your thoughtful play gift.

  • Remember. You are already the love of his life, and his deepest desire. Being his every fantasy just bonds him to you even deeper.

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