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5 Simple Ways to Show Love to your Husband

5 Simple Ways to Show Love to your Husband

(1) keep a date night,
(2) write notes to tell him you love him,
(3) surprise him often,
(4) don’t go to bed angry,
(5) never be afraid to wear something fun, even if it’s something that only he will see.

Karen and I have done a really good job of achieving item #1. I love our date nights. In this specific area, I’m the one that needs to do a better job of coming up with new and interesting date night ideas and destinations.

I would LOVE it if Karen would do item #2 from time to time. I enjoy making little cards, or leaving notes for Karen. I cannot tell you how much it would brighten my day, to receive or find a love note from my Bubbie Bee. Doesn’t even have to be fancy, or elaborate. Anything from a simple love note, to a sexy tease… anything at all.

I would say that we both make a point to never go to bed angry. But I do occasionally go “to bed” ( read, to sleep) with my feelings hurt. I don’t sleep in bed all that often. I don’t feel like I belong there, and “our bed” is not exactly a place of comfort or happiness for me.

I would literally do anything for Karen to do item #5 from time to time. But, realistcally, I know it will never happen. 😞 Used to, but that was a LONG time ago, in a relationship far, far, away. I used to get my hopes up every now and then, but I’ve learned better over time.

I know, I skipped item #3. Well, that’s because any of the 5 items on this list would surprise me if Karen did them; so I really don’t have a single specific response to that one, in the context of simple items like #’s 1, 2, 4, and 5.
I just know that I will keep showing my love for her, in all the best ways I know how; and hopefully, one day, she might want to do some of these things for/with me again. That’s my hope… Some day.

PLEASE Don’t take any of this as me saying I am not LOVED. I know that I am loved. Karen loves me very much! and I love and cherish my Bubbie Bee dearly. I’m just saying that it would be nice to have her romance me from time to time, with simple things like what is mentioned above.
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