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The Day After, and the Day Before

The Day After...

Well, I'm up with quite a bit of time before I have to get dressed and head into work. The day after Thanksgiving alway seems like such a waste. Work used to have enough sense to let us off, with pay, for the day after thanksgiving... but that was quite some years ago, and work seems to have less and less sense when it comes to how to treat employees these days. But, at least I have a job, and I am thankful for that.

In about an hour, I'll get dressed and head in a bit earlier than normal. There literally will be nothing going on all day. The bank side of the business is closed today, but my division will have an average of about 40% of its normal staff across the country in the office. And, as in every year past, we will all just stare at one another, email a few things, pretend that we are being productive, and watch the clock until our 8 hours are up. I might as well go in early, so that I can come back home to my family all the earlier.

Today is also the Day Before...

Of course, the other factor that will make today seem as if it is dragging on way too slow at work...

In just over 26 hours from now, Karen and I will arrive at the hair salon, to have Kris do Karen's hair. I'm trying to be optimistic and positive at this point. It seems as if Karen and I have figured something out that will make us both happy. It's not really what I wanted the end result to be; but then again , my ideal end result would have been for 10/24/2015 to have not happened in the first place (that day should have been for removing the yellow tint from her hair, and replacing it with warmer blondes with added lowlights for depth and style enhancement), and to be going back for a simple root touch up at this point. But that's the past, and my hopes are high at this moment.

I'm going to try to stay positive.

I guess only time will tell....
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