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Photoshop Experiment: Kelly Clarkson's hair on Karen

Kelly Clarkson’s hair on Karen: A Photo Editor experiment. (Results are AWESOME!)

I know, I know. I’m no photoshop expert. But I just took Kelly Clarkson’s hair from the Citizen Watch Advertisement photo, and superimposed her hair (hair color unaltered) over the top of a photo I took of karen on October 24th.

Several things I see from this experiment:

1) Karen’s previous blonde hair was way too Yellow (Golden) Blonde before, and washed out her skin tones; and that the Natural Blonde, to Ash Blonde, tones that are in Kelly Clarkson’s photo will look much better on Karen.

2) The light blonde hair, lightest at the crown and gradually fading darker below her chin and around her shoulders, is going to look AWESOME; and give her hair depth, personality, and a GORGEOUS style.

3) Even though it is a pieced together photo of what my wife’s hair could potentially look like after we are done on Saturday, if done right, it is potentially the SEXIEST blonde hair color I think I will have ever seen on her head. I’m floored!

My Sweet Bubbie Bee, you are going to look so incredibly BEAUTIFUL! I cannot wait to see all of that sexy blonde hair framing your gorgeous face.

CAPT-2750 Photo Progression:

(Top Row)
1) Karen, with her original (GORGEOUS) Golden Blonde hair.
2) Kelly Clarkson with a Light Blonde to Dark Blonde Reverse Hombre.

(Bottom Row)
3) Karen's Blonde put next to Kelly's Blonde (Note: Kelly's blonde is a more Natural to Ash blonde. A blonde that will compliment Karen's skin tones much better than the golden blonde she had before).
4) Raw image of Kelly's hair cut out and placed over the top of Karen's hair. Shows the color progression of Kelly's reverse hombre as it will appear on Karen's hair.
5) Cut and Past Image lines blurred, and progression of hombre moved up to show final look of a "Light Blonde to a Light Brown Reverse Hombre" color style on Karen. It's back to the blonde that I loved on her, but with character and dimension brought in by the darker hair at the bottom of her hair length. A perfect compromise.

Full Size Photos are Viewable at the Following Link:
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