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We FINALLY Have A Winner!

Completely by accident, I found a photo of kelly Clarkson in karen’s PEOPLE magazine. It showed her with the Light Blonde hair (that I want on Karen) at the crown of her head and on top, but also with Dark Blonde hair underneath the lighter layers (that appeals to Karen’s need for warmth and depth).

I marked the photo with the words “Blond-ish;” which is a word that she had marked on the calendar. She texted my phone at 11:14 PM with a single word. “Kelly.”

I realized that she had found the marked photo. And I responded “Clarkson.” After a few exchanges back and forth, Karen texted, “I like her hair.” I responded “Me too.” I still want her hair light through and through, but this is a compromise that I can accept. After a quick internet search, I found the below photos and sent them to her phone.

This is the blonde hair that karen will be getting on Saturday. The top will be an all over gorgeous Light Blonde. Much like what her hair was before October 24th (just not yellow, this time), and the underneath will be a warmer dark blonde.

When she pulls it back into a ponytail, it will show the warmer dark blonde and brown tones in her hair; but when she wears it down, the majority of her hair will have full on Light Goldilocks Blonde (Better than it was before). It's the best of both worlds.

I wish tomorrow were Saturday already.

Kelly Reverse Ombre

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