Digger (digzmania) wrote,

Countdown till Karen is Back 2 Blonde

I'm So excited that I can hardly contain myself! I'm literally almost bouncing off of the walls. You'd think that next Saturday was Christmas. It sure feels like it to me.

During the halftime show for today's football game, Karen spoke with Kris and set up an appointment time for 8 AM next Saturday morning, to get her hair done. I was so thrilled I almost screamed. My Bubbie Bee is finally going to get her sexy Blonde Goldilocks back.

Right at this moment, I can't even put into words how awesome this is. I just feel like crying happy tears. I've been feeling so sad and down about this for the past 29 days. I was starting to lose hope, and feeling like Karen was not addressing my feelings about this; even after I had explained why it is so important to me. But I'm feeling very optimistic, and much better about the whole situation. I have to trust that she does understand why I want this, and that her doing this for me is so very special and has a lot of meaning to me. So, now, we're going to fix it; and possibly make it even better than it was before (if that is at all possible).

Just thinking about her beautiful light blonde hair being back is making me so happy I'm crying. Going to stop typing now, before I blubber all over the page and wake people up.


Let the countdown begin!
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